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C&S Valkenburg en Co B.V.  

C&S Valkenburg is a webbing and industrial fabrics company that manufactures webbing for a wide range of applications in industry, agriculture, transport and the sport and leisure sector. The company, which was set up at the beginning of the last century, is established in Scherpenzeel, the Netherlands.

Expertise, quality, reliability and flexibility are the cornerstones of our company. Through the years, C&S Valkenburg has amply proven its ability to live up to those terms. Its highly flexible organization allows C&S Valkenburg to fulfil the most divergent orders promptly and efficiently.

As a webbing and industrial fabrics manufacturer, C&S Valkenburg has been a household for over 100 years. The company considers innovation to be of paramount importance and never relaxes its search for the right product in the best quality to suit your specific requirements. Its wealth of experience makes C&S Valkenburg unique in its invariably meeting the high requirements set by this market.

C&S Valkenburg can also be a reliable partner for your company

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Telefoon     (033) 277 6600

Fax             (033) 277 6641

Postadres   Glashorst 111, 3925BR Scherpenzeel


KvK               09011967

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